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The spellbinding tale of a brave alien creature and its striking journey through blackout world, in an incredibly colorful and detailed platformer without platforms.

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The whole city has been plunged into darkness. After an accident on the power station, a living electric spark must restore electricity to the city and give it's citizens their safe and carefree lives back.

"TurnOn" tells the spellbinding tale of a brave alien creature and its striking journey through the blackout world. Featuring a charming art style and visual storytelling, cute character personality, and a soothing and magical soundtrack, "TurnOn" makes the world the way it was before, but a little better and kinder.


✧ Setting!

Be surprised how the world depends on electricity and what can happen if it suddenly disappears. Solve puzzles and figure out how to turn on the lights in every home, as well as fight unexpected enemies!

✧ Visual storytelling!

Tired of all those dialogs in your video games? Never mind, in "TurnOn" everything is purely visual, and the entire story is told through what you see (and sometimes what you don't). 

✧ Platformer without platforms!

The main character moves through the electrical wires. The mix of exploration and music levels makes the gameplay very immersive.

The creation of “TurnOn” was inspired by the global movement Earth Hour, which is held by WWF.


How do I start playing?  


We’re currently looking for passionate gamers who are already active members of online game communities to share feedback. If that’s you, send us your email and we’ll give you instructions on how you can join our game!  

Is there any cost to play TurnOn?  


We haven’t implemented any pricing or paid systems at this time but will look to test these systems at a later date. We’ll share details and will be listening to playtesters about how these features feel and improve TurnOn.  

Do I have to go through the onboarding process?


Yes, we want to develop a personal relationship with players who help us create a different kind of online game. Therefore, we ask every player who wants to participate in our early play testing to apply and those accepted will then participate in a video chat to onboard into TurnOn.  

system requirements




Windows 7 or newer


Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ 2.8 GHz




GeForce 240 GT or Radeon HD 6570 


Version 9.0c


4 GB available space

Additional Notes

Xbox 360 gamepads are supported


“TurnOn is an enjoyable and heartwarming little game. With electrical wires instead of platforms, it offers gameplay that feels fresh, piquing your interest at every turn with whatever new adventure or obstacle you’ll face next.”

8.5 – Gaming Trend

“The developers made a game that looks like Psychonauts and Tearaway had a baby.”

8.5 – Bagogames

“TurnOn is an awesome 3D puzzle platformer that uses a variety of new systems to make the game not only fun but different from other games in its genre.”

8 – ICXM


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